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Happy 2017 Everyone

Posted by Tim Lee on

Happy 2017!!

Seems like 2016 was not the greatest of Years for alot of people. It definitely was a rocky ride for us, lots of ups and downs.

The Retail market is a continuely changing thing, if you sit back and think that business is just going to sail smoothly through walk-in traffic then you wont be in business for very long! I find that I have to really work on reinventing our store, whether its changing things around, pushing social media, constantly uploading more products on our website and usually being a bit of an idiot on Live videos on Facebook. I live and breathe it!

I guess I am still a bit old school, I really pride myself and my staff on offering the best customer service as possible, This cant be done through online sales, which is a real shame as we like to see a smile on someones face as they walk out with a life changing instrument.

All I can say is the lowest price is NOT always the best deal, We will do our best to make sure the choice you have made is perfect for you, not just send you a cardboard box that you don't really know whats inside.

This year I will have to start pushing the online store , because it seems to all be heading that way. I personally never buy online, but thats just me and i am 35 years old haha

Just remember one thing for 2017 please..

The Lowest Price is not really the Best Deal!

Thanks again for all your support

Cheers to 2017

Tim Lee

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