Alver Vintage archtop guitar by Maton 1960's

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Named for Alma and Vera, the respective wives of Maton founder Bill May and his brother Reg, the Alver brand provided the company with a range of instruments at a lower price point than their Maton cousins.  This lightweight single-cut 16″ wide 4″ deep laminated arch top body style, developed by Bill May in the 1950s, was used on a wide variety of both Maton and Alver branded acoustic and electric guitars for a very good reason: it is a strong, light, super resonant and versatile design whether in acoustic or electric form.

This particular guitar has heaps of player wear . It does play great . The action is good and it has that old time mojo tone that only a vintage guitar can give . crazing and checking all over the body makes this a desireable player or wall hanger . 

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