Ashdown Dr Green "The Aspirin"

Ashdown Dr Green "The Aspirin" Compressor Pedal for Bass Designed Specifically for Bass Players

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Straight from Dr Greens surgery comes The Tourniquet/Aspirin.

A high quality compressor pedal designed for bass. The Tourniquet/Aspirin will help to provide a consistent and even tone/volume by compressing loud signals and boosting softer signals with no loss of low end.

Using the Input to drive the amount of signal, the pedal automatically processes the compression after you set the ratio. A simple output pot then allows you to set the level of signal coming from the pedal to your amp. The pedal also features true bypass switching and is housed in a custom designed steel casing that will stand up to being stomped on night after night.

Pedal Controls
• Input - Adjust input gain level
• Ratio - This dictates how much the volume is reduced versus how far above the threshold the signal is
• Output - Adjust output gain level

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