Casio AZ-1 Keytar (preowned)

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Just arrived in Pre-owned condition . 

The battery cavity has leaked and does not work . ( probably an easy fix ) 

 It is in used condition . 

The AZ-1 features 2 switches, 2 wheels, and 1 slider that transmit assignable MIDI continuous controller data as the user deems fit. It has a pitch wheel for shifting the sound up or down fractions of a note. Other non-definable controllers include Solo, Sustain, Portamento and a three position octave slider. The AZ-1 has one MIDI output, and can simultaneously transmit on two selectable midi channels. It can send midi program change commands from dedicated program select buttons. Furthermore, its feature set includes both velocity sensitivity as well as true aftertouch. This is something of a rarity amongst keytars, and all but the highest end keyboards, as many only have velocity sensitivity. The AZ-1 is powered by either 6 AA batteries (1.5v each) or by external power supply (negative center pin, positive ring.)


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