DXP 5 Piece Drum Kit Package - Wine Red

DXP 5 Piece Drum Kit Package - Wine Red

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This comprehensive package has everything needed including cymbals and a stool

6 ply, 7.5mm shell provides rigid, great-sounding shells.

20"x14" bass drum; 14"x14" free standing floor tom; 12"x10" and 10"x8" toms; 14"x5" wood shell snare drum. Medium weight double braced hardware includes snare, hi-hat and cymbal stand, bass drum pedal and heavy duty retractable bass drum spurs, heavy duty tom holders and mounts. Stands are fitted with memory locks for secure and easy of set up. Comes with 1 x pair DBC54 DXP 14" hi-hats, 1 x DBC56 DXP 16" crash steel alloy cymbals and 1 x DA1235 drum throne. 

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