Fender "Twin Amp" Valve Combo - Made in 1961

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Now this is cool!

These early 1960's Fender Twins are getting harder and harder to find

Beautiful sounding amp 

Comes with original footswitch

This is a great players amp , it has had some mod's 

Replaced Speakers - looks to be 1962 Jensen Speakers 

The 1st Channel has had some mods - perfect for piggy backing both channels together

Back ply plates have been replaced, as per photos

The output transformer has been changed to a 240V Mercury

Comes with caps and pots that were changed from 1st channel , plus a 1970 100V transformer that came in the amp from what the old owner told us.

This amp works and sounds great

*** NOTE , Due to the age , weight and being a fragile Vintage Amp, we would rather local pickup , however we can freight it at owners risk. **

Give us a call if you are after more information

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