FLUX Liquid Ambience Vibraphonic reverb Handsigned ( preowned )

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From deep sub-octave foundation layers to soaring super-octave shimmers, the Liquid Ambience seamlessly blends in beautiful lustre underneath your tone, ghosting your every move.

The Liquid Ambience brings two complex DSP concepts together in one elegant solution... Polyphonic Octave Generation and Hall Reverb. The strum-friendly polyphonic algorithm ensures tracking issues are a thing of the past, and seamlessly translates the entire input spectrum up and down the frequency scale.


The Voice control blends between octave and sub octave or alternatively blends between fifth and sub fifth.

An additional 'Bend' mode gives you a slightly detuned note instead, either up or down in frequency from your input, introducing syrupy thickness to your tone. Adding recirculation to this produces a smooth continuous bend (see Evolve control). Setting Voice to 12 o’clock (pitch neutral) turns the Liquid

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