Laney Lionheart 20W head and matching cab Preloved

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Just arrived is this very creamy Preloved Laney Lionheart 20W head and matching 2x12 cab .. Made in the UK it has a bottom end that'll spank you with it's punch and warmth and clarity from it's highs that will have you singing and dancing in the hall . A touch of reverb and your ready to go . 

From a guitarist point of view, in a class A amplifier each of the amplifiers power tubes are working at maximum output the whole time. This makes them run ‘HOT’ and generates a very natural level of smooth tube compression.

Higher powers are obtainable by using multiple valves in parallel – in this case 4 x EL84’s are run in Single ended mode and then paralleled up to give 20 watts RMS of Parallel Single Ended tone.

On-board studio quality reverb. Reverb gives you a sense of the space that you are in. A dry guitar signal can sound a little dull. Adding the right about of reverb provides the guitar signal with ambience and brings it to life.

In good general condition with a little handle wear and some standard abrasions . 


  • 20 watts RMS
  • 2 high quality channels
  • Hand selected tubes ECC83 & EL84 loaded
  • 4, 8 or 16 Ohm impedance options
  • Bright Switch
  • On-board studio quality reverb

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