Ortega Horsekick Stompbox V2

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DIGITAL STOMP BOX – HORSE KICK VERSION 2 with built-in digital sampled “Cajon Bass” sound.

The Ortega stomp boxes are the perfect tool tor guitarists, singer/songwriters and street performers wanting to add a percussive element to any performance. Equipped with an input and output, our discrete pass through allows you to blend the percussive sound with your instrument signal to a single channel.

  • 6,3 mm (1/4″) input & output jack
  • Digital sample of a “Cajon Bass” sound – just tap your foot
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for foot tapping
  • Solid ash wood housing
  • Non-slip bottom coating
  • Velocity sensitive for an expressive experience
  • Seamless volume control to adjust percussion sound
  • Free power supply included

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