Silverchair Cemetery Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Lp (New)

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“Cemetery” is the third single from Silverchair’s 1997 album Freak Show. The single reached the number 5 position in the Australian singles chart and was certified Gold.

“Cemetery” was originally composed by frontman Daniel Johns as a solo acoustic piece while still living at home. Originally, Johns had no intention of including it on a Silverchair album. In interviews, he revealed that he was initially apprehensive about presenting “Cemetery” even to his bandmates due to its soft and delicate nature, fearing that he would be ridiculed for creating a ballad. However, once Johns played the solo acoustic recording for his bandmates, they enjoyed it immensely, and Johns then felt confident enough to include it on Freak Show.


  1. Cemetery
  2. Cemetery (Acoustic)


  1. Slab (Nicklaunoise Mix)

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