Silverchair Neon Ballroom vinyl LP

Silverchair Neon Ballroom vinyl LP

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Neon Ballroom is the third studio album by Australian post-grunge band Silverchair and was released in 1999. On this album the band is considered to have reached their maturity, both literally and musically.

When Silverchair released their first album, the band members were just 15 years old. By the time they recorded Neon Ballroom they reached the age of 20.

Musically  it  leaps  and  bounds  beyond  the Australian  trio’s  two previous efforts Frogstomp and Freak Show.

The group’s songwriter, Daniel Johns, had been battling personal demons as he attempted to adjust to Silverchair’s sudden success, and he poured these experiences into a new batch of songs.
Determined to shake off the constant musical comparisons that had  previously dogged his band, Johns created a truly original sounding album.

Fusing heavy rock with orchestral flourishes and synthetic touches with powerfully emotional lyrics, the dark and haunting Neon Ballroom was universally acclaimed as a huge creative leap for John and his bandmates.


  1. Emotion Sickness
  2. Anthem For The Year 2000
  3. Anas Song (Open Fire)
  4. Spawn (Again)
  5. Miss You Love
  6. Dearest Helpless


  1. Do You Feel The Same
  2. Black Tangled Heart
  3. Point Of View
  4. Satin Sheets
  5. Paint Pastel Princess
  6. Steam Will Rise

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