SOLD Sonor Delite Maple Drum kit w/ cases ( preowned )

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SOLD SOLD Just arrived is this delightful Sonor Delite Drum Kit Walnut roots  . Maple shells .

Includes kick , two rack toms and two floor toms , floor tom legs , tom mounts and bass drum mount . no other hardware is included . 

22 x 17.5 kick

10 x 8 rack

12 x 9 rack 

14 x 14 floor 

16 x 16 floor 

The Sonor Delite Series is designed for the professional drummer with clear ideas about equipment, features and sounds. These ideas and experiences, along with the broad expertise at Sonor, are our main focus as we continue to develop and steadily optimise the Sonor Delite Series. The shell design, with its extremely thin and consequently very light vintage maple shells, make Sonor Delite sets an extremely welcome tour companion, a companion no drummer would wish to go without . 

The kit is in generally good condition . Pictures help form description . 

More info can be found here . 

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