SWR 350 head w/Working man 4 x 10T cab

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Preloved in used condition with various knicks and scratches .

Simple, solid and loud. 350 watts RMS @ 4 ohms, 450 watts RMS @ 2 ohms variable mid-range EQ, sidechain mono effects loop, effects blend control, limiter, limiter defeat switch, cooling fan, fan defeat switch, XLR balanced record out, tuner send, rack mountable.

The Workingman's 4X10T features four 8 ohm, 100 watt, custom designed (Eminence)10" cast steel frame drivers wired in a series-parallel configuration and a single LeSon TLX-1 piezo tweeter (also referred to as "ferro-electric"). The tweeter is intentionally wired out-of-phase.

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