Taylor 352E Grand Concert 12 string (Pre-Owned)

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This preowned Taylor 12 string guitar plays wonderfully with a good action and the tone !!! wow the tone  . Being a smaller body it is oh so comfortable to play and sits just right in the hands. In immaculate condition with minimal home use. 

Note this is not a cutaway and is one off build run from Taylor. Purchasor of this guitar will have one of a only a few ever made.

One of two Grand Concert 12-strings offered within our 300 Series, the 352e features sapele back and sides paired with a Sitka spruce top. The lap-friendly body is a welcome antidote to the bigger body styles traditionally used for 12-strings; the result is more physically accessible option, especially with the 12-fret neck and slightly condensed 24-7/8-inch scale length.

The smaller body makes it easy to set the strings in motion, and sonically, the controlled acoustic voice won’t overpower a mix, making it a wonderful choice for adding 12-string texture to a recording or accompanying other instruments live. V-Class bracing brings an entirely new sonic dimension to this model, delivering enhanced volume and sustain while smoothing out intonation up and down the fretboard for a seamlessly musical sound. Compared to the mahogany-top 362ce, this spruce-top edition will tend to produce a slightly brighter sound, with appealing dynamic range and crisp articulation.

The onboard ES2 electronics capture all that natural 12-string detail for amplified playing applications. The guitar comes with a Taylor deluxe hardshell case . 

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