Yamaha THR30IIWL Wireless Guitar Amp W/Stereo Output + Bluetooth + Rechargeable Battery

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The flagship Yamaha THR30IIWL is sure to satisfy any Guitarist, Bassist or Acoustic Guitar player with it's versatile offering of amplifier tones, incredible stereo sound and performance for those in need of serious portability. Building on the best selling THR10 models, this combo includes updated sounds and full wireless capability with Bluetooth, rechargeable battery and the option to add a Line 6 G10-T transmitter (sold separately) for ultimate wireless freedom!

Guitarists are familiar with the tube amp stacks that sound amazing when turned up loud on a big stage, and with combo amps that are a perfect fit for smaller venues and rehearsal. THR ignored the convention that a practice amp should simply be a smaller version of a larger amplifier, creating a new “third amp” category designed around what players need when they’re playing at home.


  • Realistic tube-amp tones and feel plus essential effects
  • 15 guitar amp models, 3 bass amp models, 3 mic models for acoustic-electrics, and flat voicings for everything else
  • Bluetooth® support for audio playback, editing via THR Remote, and more
  • Built-in wireless receiver compatible with optional Line 6® Relay® G10T transmitter
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lets you play anywhere
  • Hi-Fi audio playback with Extended Stereo Technology
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity for recording and playback
  • 1/4” line outputs provide additional flexibility for recording or performance
  • THR Remote editor/librarian app for desktop and mobile devices


Bluetooth Support - For audio playback and external control

Mobile Editor - Remote control for iOS & Android

Built-In Wireless Receiver - Just add a Line 6 G10T Transmitter (sold separately)

Rechargeable Battery - Up to 5 hours of performance on the go


Virtual Circuitry Modeling - Component-level amp modeling for realistic tone & feel

15 Guitar Amps & 8 Effects - Plus bass, acoustic & flat voicing

Hi-Fi Audio Playback - So your music sounds as good as your guitar tone

Extended Stereo Technology - For a wide soundfield from a compact enclosure


Designed for your Space - Compact size and go-anywhere style

Integrated Audio Interface - For class-compliant, driver-free recording

Cubase AI/Cubasis LE - Steinberg recording software for PC/Mac/iPad

Line Outputs* - Additional connectivity for studio or stage (*THR30II Wireless only)

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