Vendor: Dazatronyx

Dazatronyx TSX Overdrive Pedal *Aussie Made

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Product Type: FX Pedals
Vendor: Dazatronyx


We're stoked to have Dazatronyx pedals in store, they are proudly Australian made pedals with unbelievable craftsmanship, high quality components and excellent tones!


The TS10 circuit had some minor variations to the TS9 and TS808 circuits, and is now highly sort after for its secret-sauce flavour.

The classic TS10 stock tone is achievable in STD mode, as well as two other variation modes:

  • STD - Classic TS symmetrical clipping, with a focus on mids.

  • ASYM - Asymmetrical clipping shape begins to ‘look’ more like valve amplifier clipping. This can better suit input signals which already have a full bottom-end, such as a neck pickup, and allows chord detail to better shine through.

  • FAT - Asymmetrical clipping, with a fuller bottom-end.

The gain control has twice the amount of gain range as a classic TS. The extended range begins at the 2 o'clock position onwards.

The chip has been upgraded to a higher performance audio amplifier by JRC (Japanese Radio Company). The 'soft clipping' is achieved using three black glass silicon diodes.