Flux Effects Liquid Ambience Polyphonic Reverb (Pre-Owned)

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This Flux Liquid Ambience pedal is incredible, it absolutely rips! 

From deep sub-octave foundation layers to soaring super-octave shimmers, the Liquid Ambience seamlessly blends in beautiful luster underneath your tone, ghosting your every move.

The Liquid Ambience is a modulated hall reverb like no other, providing polyphonic octaves, fifths, note bends, chorus, vibrato and tremolo modulated trails, and self-oscillation/runaway at the press of a switch.

Chorus and Vibrato mode has a reverb filter control to tailor the reflectiveness of the reverb surfaces, and the reverb can be turned fully off to use chorus or vibrato on its own.

The dry-loop jacks allow a parallel process to effect the dry signal only for a dual-layer effect (for example, allowing delayed dry and undelayed reverb to mix together).


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