Vendor: KINK

KINK High Horse Effect Pedal *Aussie Made

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Product Type: FX Pedals
Vendor: KINK


We're proud to stock these awesome Australian Made effects pedals by KINK! Some seriously cool designs and some wicked sounds! Check them out!

The High Horse was the third pedal we ever made. The initial run was limited and then we ceased production….. Now it’s back!

This is our recreation of the much-loved Foxx Tone Machine. We have tried to keep it as close to the original as possible, with matched germanium diodes.

This was our first pedal that included artwork from Pascal D’bras. Check out his other work here.

We have used a powder coated and UV printed 1590BB2 enclosure.

125mm x 95mm x 63mm

Uses 9V negative center power supply.