Vendor: Virtual Jeff

Virtual Jeff Pro Digital Whammy/Capo

Tax included.

Product Type: FX Pedals
Vendor: Virtual Jeff


Create your own whammy style from mellow to metal and master the legacy whammy tricks.

Settings from 1 – 24 half-steps on two personalised whammys (Modes A & B).
Luscious waggles, pitch-perfect bends or killer dive bombs with zero tuning hassles.
  • Virtual CAPO for instant capo up and down 
  • Amazing HOLD and BLEND features for inspiring new sounds
  • Mini-Link wireless (2.4GHz) and Wired operation 
  • Road tested and road tough
Virtual Jeff PRO moves the boundaries of creativity.

Ten second install with lifetime accuracy.

Perfect for solid bodies, archtops, acoustics, 7-8 string, bass. No limits.


  • Virtual Jeff Series 2
  • VJ PRO controller
  • Mini-Link 2.4GHz transmitter and strap clip
  • 2 x Mounts, 2 x sets adhesive tape
  • Strap Clip and Adapter (requires 1 x Mount)
  • Carry case
  • Custom wired cable (13ft/4m) and wireless data cable (1ft/0.6m)
  • Power supply included (9Vdc, 300mA, negative center pin)