Vendor: Dazatronyx

Dazatronyx Big Fuzz Pedal *Aussie Made

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Product Type: FX Pedals
Vendor: Dazatronyx


We're stoked to have Dazatronyx pedals in store, they are proudly Australian made pedals with unbelievable craftsmanship, high quality components and excellent tones!


The Big Fuzz began as a muff circuit, which has been critically re-tuned to improve the tone, playability, and versatility of the pedal.

The MIDS control knob sweeps from the classic scoop, through to a more focused modern tone, with everything nice in the middle. (Classic muff scooped mids will be found around the 9 o'clock position).

The BMP/STB switch toggles between a modified muff setup, to a 1973 Colorsound Supa Tonebender mode (with the variable mid knob, of course). The '73 mode has a fuller, and less compressed low-end.

This fuzz uses gain-selected transistors, and black glass silicon dio