Vendor: Deluxe Tone

2024 Deluxe Tone Radiola "Speedway Saturdays" Electric Guitar

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Product Type: Electric Guitars
Vendor: Deluxe Tone


Just Arrived!!! 

DeluxeTone electric guitars are built right here on the Sunshine Coast by local craftsman Jim . He puts so much time and effort in to each of these gorgeous guitars! This is an awesome light weight machine!! It Sports a Paulownia Body + Silver Quandong Neck!! The Attention to detail of the roadworn finish is fantastic!! The Nitro Fiesta Red with Desert sand side walls just looks amazing!! Sounds EPIC!!

Radiola #07 ‘Speedway Saturdays’
The name I gave this one is from my childhood memory of the old Archerfield Speedway in Brisbane. Those of us who grew up in the 80’s in Brisbane will remember the TV ads. I finally got to go one Saturday night with a mate from up the road. I spent the money Mum gave me for chips and a drink on a felt souvenir pennant that was red and white with a speedway car on it (a little like the Indianapolis one in the pic below). Mum got mad at me for ‘wasting money on souvenirs’ but I hung it on my bedroom wall for years. I can still remember how loud it was and the mud flicking up through the fence. Good times!
Lots of unseen detail on this due to the red colour hiding all the checking in the finish but it’s there (you might be able to see it if you zoom in on the pics?). Sounds epic plugged in. The neck has the punchiest ‘strat on steroids’ tone you could imagine and the bridge rocks like a biting humbucker should. It’s fast… it’s ‘Speedy’ 🏎️🎸