Vendor: HK Audio

HK Audio Sonar 110XI Powered Speaker

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Product Type: Speaker
Vendor: HK Audio


The HK Audio SONAR 110 Xi is an extremely compact powered state-of-the-art loudspeaker, that provides top sound, whether as a full-range speaker, as a stage monitor or as a satellite in combination with a subwoofer. Powerful components and meticulous HK Audio acoustic engineering guarantee an impressive sound experience with a strong bass.


The SONAR Xi models are full range speakers designed for use as a stand-alone speaker, in front PAs, as stage monitors and as very powerful mid-high units in subwoofer-and-satellite systems. Their elegant yet robust polymer enclosures are tough enough to withstand years of hard wear on the road. A steel grille with acoustic foam backing protects the loudspeakers from knocks, dust and splashed water.

The speaker stand mount’s ingeniously simple design features an adjustable tilt angle that can be changed at the push of a button to align the speaker to the audience for maximum effect. With the benefit of their slanted housings, Xi models can also be set sideways for use as wedge monitors. Flying these enclosures from the ceilings of clubs and pubs is so easy with the built-in M10 rigging points.

The SONAR 110 Xi is the right solution for situations where every kilo and centimeter matters, but the sound just can’t do without the support of well-rounded bass that is easy on the ears. The SONAR 110 Xi delivers the goods when deployed as a satellite in combination with the SONAR 115 Sub D, as a monitor on cramped stages, and as a highly portable sound reinforcement solution for schools and the like. And with 800 watts power output, the SONAR 110 Xi has plenty of headroom to pump up the volume when things need to get a little louder.

Facts & features

  • 10″ high-performance woofer
  • 1″ high-performance HF driver
  • 800 watts class-D peak power
  • 24-bit DSP with colour display for convenient control of the menu
  • 3 sound modes (Live, DJ, Monitor)
  • Preset for operation with SONAR subwoofer
  • 2 Mic/Line inputs with 3-band EQ and tuneable HPF
  • Aux In + Bluetooth channel with 3-band EQ
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for higher range audio streaming and remote control
  • Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for stereo audio streaming with 2 Xi-models
  • Remote Control app for iOS and Android for SONAR Xi-models
  • 3 integrated M10 rigging points
  • 35 mm pole mount with adjustable tilt angle (0°/7.5°)
  • Robust, low-resonance and lightweight multifunctional plastic housing
  • Sturdy metal front grille with black acoustic foam backing
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty after registration


Intuitive control via color display

The built-in digital mixer can be controlled via color display and offers two input channels for microphone or line signals and an AUX channel for analog and Bluetooth 5.0 signals. It even accepts both types of signal at the same time! The Mix Out forwards signals to added speakers or furnishes the signal for live recording.

Each of the three channels features a dedicated Volume control and a richly appointed 3-band EQ. These speakers also come with three sound modes (Live, DJ, Monitor) and a preset for setups with a subwoofer.

A dual-purpose Master control adjusts the mixer’s overall volume and affords access to the DSP menu.

Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo) is on board to link two simultaneously controlled Xi models for audio streaming in a twinned setup that delivers true stereo sound. In a linked setup, two SONAR Xi speakers can be controlled simultaneously with the remote app.


The SONAR REMOTE app for tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android operating systems offers much more than just a remote control option for the built-in digital mixing console. It also lets you control all settings and functions of the Xi models, including the parameters of the 3-band EQ for each channel. You can save scenes to put frequently used presets at your fingertips whenever you need them. These could be settings for your favorite microphones, varying SONAR Xi setups and basic configurations for different venues.

iOS version will be available in App store end of November 2020. Android version will be available in Google Play store in January 2021.

The Xi cabinet’s display shows all settings as they are adjusted in the app, and vice versa.
 The two displays sync up in real time.