Vendor: Mozztronics

Mozztronics GD-1 Green Drive "BoneBreaker" effects pedal

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Vendor: Mozztronics


Check out the GD-1 Green Drive "BONEBREAKER" by Mozztronics.

High quality, boutique, Australian Made!

Many people regard the “Green Screamer” pedal as a holy grail. Sure SRV used them, but they were heavily modified, and he ran them almost clean, to push his amp (there i said it).
There are many variants of this green screamer pedal around, and i didn’t just want to make a clone, so many people do that already, the world doesn’t need another one. Some manufacturers add one part to this standard pedal, call it a different name, and sell it as a different product. What a crock, I’m not about doing that sort of thing.
But, i thought, why not combine all these variants into one “toolbox” type of pedal…

So this is the Mozztronics take on this style of pedal. We included 5 different clipping modes as standard. We also beefed up the tone control giving it a wider range, and added a “BODY” control to dial in the midrange perfectly.

GAIN controls the gain in the clipping stage, TONE controls the balance between treble and bass in the output, VOLUME adjusts the overall volume out of the pedal, and BODY controls the midrange voicing, from mid scoop with BODY anticlockwise (Muff style), to flat (TS style) with BODY clockwise. No more dreaded MUFF mid scoop getting you lost in the mix.
MODE is a 5 way switch to select the different clipping modes

MODE position 1 will give you classic TS type sounds
position 2 will give you classic OD1 type sounds
position 3 will give you classic ‘ello guvnor type sounds
position 4 will give you classic obsessive compulsive type sounds
position 5 is a Mozztronics special, try it out, we like it and we think you will too (this is the clipping arrangement we use in our DL30 Driveline pedal (AC30 amp sim)

Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection.

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