Vendor: Mozztronics

Mozztronics MF-1 Mosfet Fuzz "Baconizer" Effects Pedal

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Product Type: FX Pedals
Vendor: Mozztronics


Check out the MF-1 Mosfet Fuzz "Baconizer" by Mozztronics.

High quality, boutique, Australian Made!

Inspired by the sound of sizzling bacon, we here at Mozztronics wanted to capture that sound in a pedal. We have several different dirt pedals, each offering something different. We have an op amp based unit, a bipolar transistor based unit, a valve based unit, and a jfet based unit, so we wanted to use a Mosfet transistor for this pedal. There are other pedals that use Mosfets, but they use the Mosfet’s reverse diode for clipping, they don’t use the Mosfet as a gain device. What a waste !

After 6 months of r&d, inspiration stuck in a coffee shop, so a napkin was used to document the circuit and the MF-1 Baconizer was born.

B.A.C.O.N stands for Bigly Asymmetrical Creator Of Noise. This beast has multiple stages of intensely asymmetrical gain based around a Mosfet transistor. We have added our treble cut & treble boost control, and added a switch for high / low gain.

The end result is the Mozztronics MF-1 Mosfet Fuzz. In low gain mode this gives nice crunchy tones. In high gain mode this beast squeals like a pig.

SIZZLE controls the amount of gain from a nice crunch to an ultra crispy fuzz, PHAT controls the amount of treble in the output, from treble cut to treble boost, and HEAT adjusts the overall volume out of the pedal, and there is a GAIN switch to select between low and high gain.

Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection.

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