Vendor: Mozztronics

Mozztronics RA-1 Re-Amp Receiver

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Product Type: FX Pedals
Vendor: Mozztronics


Check out the RA-1 Reamp receiver by Mozztronics.

High quality, boutique, Australian Made!

The RA-1 reamp receiver is used for “reamping” in a studio. Long guitar leads can lead to a loss of tone. Not any more !

Reamping is taking an existing recorded track, and running it out to am amplifier, which is then re-recorded to get the amp sound. Reamping isnt new, its been around since the 60’s

We included a few neat features in our reamp receiver RA-1. There is an inbuilt 48V phantom power supply, to power an external DI (more on this later) and we included an impedance amplifier, so your guitar amplifier sees a real pickup impedance, and responds as if you had plugged your guitar directly into the amp.

There are two ways the reamp receiver can be used.
1. If you have an already recorded guitar track (from a DI etc) run a desk output into the live room and connect it to the reamp receiver RA-1 with a microphone lead. Set the instrument/line switch to line, plug the output of the reamp receiver RA-1 into the guitar amplifier, adjust the tone, volume and pickup ohms and you’re ready to record.
2. You’re in a studio, you want to play the guitar in the control room, but have the amp in the live room. You don’t have a lead long enough to go between the two rooms adn you hate how long leads suck all your tone. Plug the guitar pedalboard output into the DI-1 in the control room, turn cabsim off, use the mic leads already running between the control room and the live room to connect the DI-1 to the RA-1 remap box, plug the RA1 reamp output into the amplifier, turn 48V phantom power on, adjust the tone, volume and pickup ohms and you’re ready to record.

Mozztronics uses the industry standard 2.1mm socket for the power supply connection. Power is from an external 15VAC 0.4A plugpack.

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