Vendor: NUX

NU-X Core Series Loop Core Stereo Effects Pedal Our Next Generation Looper Pedal

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Product Type: FX Pedals
Vendor: NUX


The NUX Loop Core Stereo is our next generation Looper pedal. Whether you practice, compose, or play live gigs, you’ll be inspired from the very first loop!

Featuring a high-definition colour LCD display, stereo inputs/outputs, and a MIDI control input; the Loop Core Stereo allows you to create up to 6 hours of music phrases, save them in one of 99 provided memory slots, and play back as stereo loops! Also included are 50 different drum patterns to complete the looping experience.


  • All new design with a high-definition color LCD display
  • Up to 6 hours recording time (Stereo)
  • 99 User memories
  • Built-in rhythm tracks with 50 patterns
  • Split out for two amplifiers
  • Cab simulation for output to mixer
  • Built-in MIDI control


  • Sampling Rate: 44.1KHz
  • A/D Converter: 24-bit
  • Signal Processing: 32-bit floating
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Noise Level: -100dBu
  • Dynamic Range: 108dB
  • Power Consumption: 110mA - 120mA
  • Input: Mono, Stereo
  • Output: Mono, Stereo, Phones
  • Display: TFT colour LCD display
  • Power: 9V negative tip power adapter
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 122mm x 72mm x 48mm
  • Weight: 264g


Create and Save Your Loops

It’s easy to create loops and practice with the NUX Loop Core Stereo. Power on the Loop Core Stereo pedal, rotate the VALUE knob to select an empty memory from 01 - 99, then you can press the foot switch to record/play/dub your loops. You can also hold the foot switch to UNDO/REDO/CLEAR.


Turn the VALUE knob to select a memory slot between 01~99 or adjust parameters


When you are working on loops or practicing, press the VALUE knob once/twice to adjust the volume of Loop/Drum.


Practice & Play in Silence with Headphones



Access & Edit Everything with the High-Definition Colour LCD Display



4 Example Setups with the Loop Core Stereo

Mono in, mono out. This is the most common loop pedal setup for guitarists. Plug in a guitar to the A/Mono input on the Loop Core Stereo and connect A/Mono output directly to a guitar amplifier. And finally, set the AUDIO PATH as shown below.


Stereo in, stereo out. Set the AUDIO PATH as shown below.


OUT A for guitar, OUT B for drum machine. To get the best sounds, you can connect the Loop Core Stereo to a guitar amplifier and a full-range frequency amplifier. Set the AUDIO PATH as shown below. This will split the guitar signal and drum machine signal to OUT A & OUT B individually.


Both OUT A & B to a mixer. When you are playing at home or in the studio with a mixer and/or PA system, you can connect the Loop Core Stereo to control the mix of your guitar and drum machine individually. Additionally, this setup includes a frequency compensation function to get a better signal from OUT A. Set the AUDIO PATH as shown below.


MIDI Control

Nearly every parameter of the Loop Core Stereo can be controlled by an external MIDI controller, such as tap tempo, stop/start/record, and so much more. The MIDI to 1/8” cable is included to get you started quickly.



Customize Your Own Boot-up Picture

The Loop Core Stereo allows users to customize their own boot-up picture with a GIF. - Connect the Loop Core Stereo to your computer and download a GIF picture to the folder: NUX LOOPER > NUX_LOOP > GIF. - Disconnect and reboot the Loop Core Stereo, and then enter the DISPLAY setting and set the BOOT-UP PICTURE option to USER. - Reboot the Loop Core Stereo again. Enjoy your own customized GIF interface!