Vendor: Pearl

Pearl Roadshow 20 inch Fusion 5-piece Drum Kit in Royal Blue Metallic

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Product Type: Acoustic and Electronic Drums
Vendor: Pearl



Experience the elements that make Pearl's Roadshow Drum Sets the perfect vehicle for your rhythmic journey.

At its core, Roadshow's Asian White Poplar shell delivers punchy, powerful tone that is perfect for the student or newly unleashed drummer.

This kit includes UPGRADED Zildjian Planet Z cymbal package



  • 6-ply Poplar Shell: Molded to create a singular resonance chamber for power, tone and sustain.
  • 45-Degree Bearing Edge: A hand cut edge for precise head contact and better sound from the shell.
  • Built for Powerful Tone: Each shell is molded through a heat and pressure curing process for strength.


  • Lugs and Hoops: Tension lugs and hoops feature durable castings for stable tuning.
  • Locking Tom Arms: Locking adjustments keep Roadshow toms at the right angle.
  • Telescoping Kick Spurs: For no-slip kick from the bass drum.


  • 20x16 Bass Drum
  • 10x7 and 12x8 Toms
  • 14x14 Floor Tom
  • 14x5 Snare Drum
  • H-50, C-50, S-50, P-50, D-50
  • UPGRADED Zildjian Planet Z cymbal package
  • Drumsticks (2pr)
  • Finish: Royal Blue Metallic
  • SHELL: 6 Ply 7mm Asian White Poplar
  • SNARE: Matching Wood Snare 14"x5.5" (RS1455S/C)
  • LUGS: RSHL55 (Snare) | RSHL100 (Toms) | RSHL300 (Bass Drum)
  • HOOPS: 1.6mm Triple-Flanged Steel
  • HEADS: Clear Tom Heads, Coated Snare Head, Self-Muffled Bass Head