Vendor: Toca

Toca 12" Djembe Tribal Mask

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Product Type: Percussion
Vendor: Toca


This Toca 12" Djembe is made from high quality, sustainably sourced Indonesian timbers, great tone!

Toca's Origins Series Wood Djembes are the most traditional djembes available. They are drums to be cherished and enjoyed for years, hand carved from a single piece of plantation grown mahogany.

The interior of the shell is grooved to avoid undesirable overtones, resulting in classic high pitch slaps, robust midtones, and rich deep bass tones. Each drum comes with an all-weather, synthetic head that prevents stretching, drying, and pitch loss.

Toca's environmental consciousness is to constantly think green. And you don't become one of the world's top djembe players unless you have the rest of the world in mind. That's why Toca djembes are made from only certified, plantation-grown wood that's been treated and dried in solar-powered buildings.