Toca Flex Drum 9-1/2" Junior in Kente Cloth with Strap

Toca Flex Drum 9-1/2" Junior in Kente Cloth with Strap

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For Health, For Spirit, For Life

Designed in collaboration with percussionist and educator Kalani, the drum's conical shape and pre-tuned removable head make it stackable, saving educators and drum circle facilitators valuable space and transportation expenses.

Educators and physical therapists have embraced the Flex Drum, finding it to be the perfect solution for students and patients. The new, more compact Junior Flex Drum has a 9½-inch head diameter, stands 18½ inches tall and weighs only three pounds. It’s great for small hands and like the original Flex Drum, can be conveniently stacked and stored.

Flex Drums are made from a durable, weatherproof, synthetic material that makes them virtually indestructible. The drum's protective non-skid rubber bottom prevents slipping on nearly any playing surface.

The removable head can also be used as a frame drum.
Both the Flex Drum and the Junior Flex drum come with an adjustable shoulder strap for stand-up playing.


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