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The Ukulele Club Songbook has been created by and for Ukulele Clubs and contains over 250 songs! The songs in this book have been expertly arranged by Robert Weule, the Music Director and Band Leader of The Blue Mountains Ukulele Club, and have been extensively workshopped by the group and a number of other Ukulele Clubs. The Ukulele Club Songbook comprises songs arranged in such a way that one or many uke players can be playing like experts in no time. As well as a chord chart at the back of the book, each song is presented together with chord diagrams of each chord which appears in the song. The chord names are written in line with the lyrics, which is particularly helpful for beginners and groups as it is clear when chord changes are to be made. Every song has been written in full on 1-2 pages so you will never need to turn a page mid-song. The font is large and easy to read and the chord names are bolded for added readability. A unique aspect of this book is the inclusion of many Australian and New Zealand songs. The Ukulele Club Songbook is destined to become the ultimate resource for Ukulele Clubs and will get you through many years of enjoyable uke playing.